Are you ready to get off the weight-loss roller coaster, love your body, and feel fantastic?

You're just seconds away transforming your body, health and life forever.

Create the essential mindset, find the support and accountability you've been searching for and learn the simple solutions you need to create YOUR healthy body and life. 

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What is The Women's Wellness Academy?

The Women's Wellness Academy is an exclusive, online community of women over 40 who are changing their bodies, their minds and their lives one step at a time.  

Ginny leads the community (find out more about Ginny) with monthly webinars, community engagement, videos, blogs, plant-based recipes, tips, tricks & hacks. Being a member of The Women's Wellness Academy gives you access to her expertise whenever you need it.

The women in the Academy are working on more than weight loss. They are creating the healthy life they've always dreamed of. We tackle Food, Fitness and Feelings "The 3Fs"). 

Here's what you'll learn inside The Women's Wellness Academy:

  • How to fuel your body to increase energy and defeat chronic illness.
  • Stress management techniques you can use anytime, anywhere. 
  • How to safely and effectively build your fitness and strength without big heavy equipment or a gym membership. 
  • How to create your unique, healthy lifestyle.
  • What's really holding you back, has prevented you from being your healthiest in the past and how you can leave it all behind and start creating the life you want right now. 


  • You will become a part of a fun and unique tribe of women who support each other, celebrate wins together and pick each other up when we fall. 

Do you want to join this amazing group of women?



All women in The Women's Wellness Academy are WINNERS! (This means YOU!)

Women Invested in Now!

We are present, we are letting go of our past. (This is hard, but we work on it together.) 


This doesn't mean we're perfect, it means we're making decisions, taking steps forward and committed to ourselves.

Reveling in Success

We celebrate all success, big and small. We know that positive energy attracts positive outcomes. We celebrate ourselves and each other. 

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Just for the WINNERS!

Here's what you get when you join The Women's Wellness Academy:

Work with Ginny!

Get my 17+ years of experience as a Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Creator at your fingertips. I have an MSc. in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, so you can relax knowing that I have the education and expertise to back up the advice I'm sharing with you. 

WINNERS Gatherings

Monthly, Live, In-Person meetings. This is your opportunity get your questions answered. The Gatherings may be a Masterclass on a topic, a Group Coaching Call, an interview with another health expert, or a Q&A session. The topics will vary month to month. 

WINNERS Only Community

A private forum only open to Members of The Women's Wellness Academy. Connect with other women just like you to share struggles, celebrate wins, give and receive support. 

The WINNERS Report

Bi-weekly newsletter featuring recipes, recipe reviews, inspiration, articles, success stories and more. 

The 3Fs Library

The best of Ginny's videos organized into the 3Fs: Food, Fitness and Feelings. I've been sharing tips and information on all of these topics for years. Now they are organized in one place, giving you the opportunity to find the lesson you need when you need it. 

WINNERS Priority Access

to all in-person events, retreats, Bonus content and online events.
Join The WINNERS Now!

Foundations for Success!

"I was so unhappy with how I looked and felt. The Women's Wellness Academy provides the tools for me to create a stronger foundation for my life. "

-Carolyn C. 

The Women’s Wellness Academy is for you if…

  • You are tired of figuring out everything on your own with little to no results.
  • You are done with the quick-fix and recognize that you need more than just a new workout and diet plan.
  • You want to be part of a small community,  where you can give and get support as you work through the challenges and joys that come with true transformation.
  • You are ready to learn key strategies to take control of your health, your mindset and your body now.
  • You want to have accountability so you can stay committed to yourself and achieve your goals.
Join The Women's Wellness Academy Now!

Thank you for not letting me quit!

" I have joined programs like this before and gave up every time I had a misstep.

Missed a workout? I quit. Ate something unhealthy? I quit.

I was frustrated, unhappy and unhealthy when I met with Ginny. For the first time in my life, I made a commitment to myself and invested in The Women’s Wellness Academy.

I have gone from eating Milk Duds to blueberries. I am exercising more than ever, I’ve lost weight and I am happy.

The support and insight I get from Ginny and the community in The Women’s Wellness Academy  keeps me focused, involved, and moving forward." 

-Janet R. 

Everything You Need to Know
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Here's what you get when you join The Women's Wellness Academy:

Work with Ginny!


WINNERS Gatherings

Monthly, Live, In-Person meetings 
$1,200 Value 


WINNERS Only Community

A private, members-only, forum
$500 Value 


The WINNERS Report

Bi-weekly newsletter
$79 Value

The 3Fs Library

The best of Ginny's insights on Food, Fitness and Feelings
$1,000 Value

WINNERS Priority Access

VIP access to all new events and content

Total Value = $2,779

Yours for only $97 per month!


Join The WINNERS Now!

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Total value = $2,000+/month

  • Work with Ginny
  • WINNERS Gatherings
  • WINNERS Report
  • WINNERS Only Community
  • WINNERS Access



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  • Work with Ginny
  • WINNERS Gatherings
  • WINNERS Report
  • WINNERS Only Community
  • WINNERS Access
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