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This is it! Everything you need with my highest level of support. Here's what's waiting for you in Platinum. 


This is what makes The Women's Wellness Academy different from every other program you've tried before. Finally, understand why you're unmotivated, frustrated, and stuck. Learn how to recognize why you don't make the changes that will lead to your success, even when you're crystal clear on what your next steps are. You will learn how to:

  • Discover the underlying beliefs that are sabotaging you when you're ready to change.
  • Re-script your self-talk to become your own powerful motivator.
  • Keep the changes coming even when you don't think you can.
  • Love yourself like never before.

Nutrition University (Nu-U)
Once you've completed Unleashed! you'll be ready to adopt new, healthy, life-enhancing habits to create the healthy, strong, confident woman you really are. This 26-module program covers everything from "what is a carbohydrate?" to "how do I eat out with friends and not blow my nutrition to pieces?" In between are modules covering sleep, exercise, stress management, and much more. The program is designed to give you one week to complete each module, giving you time to implement the new habits before moving on to the next module. You can take as long as you like to complete the program. There's also space to chat, ask questions and create the accountability you need with Ginny and the other members. Nu-U is your roadmap to a healthy lifestyle. 

Access to Ginny via Community Chat
Post questions, and successes, create relationships with the other members and get the support you need any time, day or night, in the Community Chat. This is the space where we connect with each other, and you get direct access to Ginny. 

Monthly WINNERS Gatherings
These online Zoom meetings happen once a month (the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 11am Alaska Time (noon Pacific/3pm Eastern). All members of The Women's Wellness Academy are invited. We have a new topic each month, and we can also share wins and struggles and get to know each other in real-time. 

Access to all previously recorded WINNERS Gatherings 
All WINNERS Gatherings are recorded and then posted in the Silver Membership, so you never have to miss anything if you can't join us at the time of the call. You can also go back and see previous calls if there's a topic you'd like to dive into. 

2 Group Coaching Calls per month
These online Zoom meetings are for Gold and Platinum Members only. They are scheduled for the first and third Tuesday of the month at noon Alaska Time (1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern). This is where the magic happens. We celebrate successes and dig into struggles, solving problems, making suggestions, and utilizing the "hive mind" to create breakthroughs and forge relationships that ensure success. 

Access to all previously recorded group coaching calls
All group coaching calls are recorded and then posted in the Gold/Platinum Membership. To prepare for each call, you will complete a "Coaching Call Prep Form" and submit it at least 24 hours prior to the call. Often a theme arises from the group for us to address on the call. If there's no theme, we will go through each question/struggle that is submitted individually. If you can't join us live, we will answer the question you submit, so you never have to miss anything if you can't join us at the time of the call. You can also go back and see previous calls if there's a topic you'd like to dive into. 

Monthly 1:1 coaching call with Ginny
Work directly with me! I have been helping women to transform their lives through fitness and nutrition since 2003. I've helped women lose 30, 40, and 50+ pounds, come off of medications for chronic illness, reduce A1c levels to normal from "pre-diabetic," and so much more. I have an MS in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, and I LOVE helping women overcome their struggles, unleash themselves, and live their healthiest, best life! I'm a research geek and spend hours reading studies and digging into what works and what doesn't work. I also love de-bunking the latest fad diets and giving you the real scoop on what works and what doesn't. Our calls are scheduled during the 4th week of each month at a time that works best for you. These can be Zoom meetings, FaceTime calls, or just plain old phone calls. 

Recordings of all of your individual coaching calls with Ginny will be sent directly to you. If we use Zoom, the meetings are recorded, and I send you a copy to keep forever so you can go back and review what we talked about so you never have to say, "Gosh, I wish I could remember that thing we discussed."

Exclusive Gold-Platinum Chat. 
Because we form deeper relationships and often share deeper struggles, there is a smaller, exclusive community chat for Gold and Platinum members. This will be where your tribe will spend most of its time with a smaller, tighter community of women who give and get additional support. 

First Access to all additional events. The Women's Wellness Academy hosts retreats and exclusive in-person events throughout the year. As a Platinum Member, you will be the first to know about the events and will have "first dibs" to attend all events. This means you will never miss out on anything because someone else signed up first. 

In the Platinum Membership, you'll be meeting with me 4x per month (that's almost every week) in person via the internet, plus having access to me via two chat spaces. I can't wait to meet you and witness your transformation from unmotivated, confused, and stuck to healthy, strong, and confident!

All membership levels in The Women's Wellness Academy are 12 months to give you the time and space to make lasting lifestyle changes. This is not a quick-fix, short-term band-aid for your health. This is a life-altering, permanent change. You are worth it!

The total value of Platinum-Level Membership is over $25,000.

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If you have questions about Platinum Membership in The Women's Wellness Academy, or if you prefer a monthly payment option ($999/month), please schedule some time with me. I'm happy to answer all of your questions.