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What are WINNERS? 

In the Women's Wellness Academy, we are all WINNERS.

When we begin in the Academy though, we often don't believe we are WINNERS. This Transformation will help you develop a WINNERS mindset and start your body and health transformation.

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What You Will Learn


After this FREE 7 Day WINNERS Transformation you'll know how to let go of the things keeping you stuck. You'll gain the tools to focus on making TODAY better than yesterday.

Mindset Shift

develop a winning mindset and  overcome limiting beliefs for a  foundation of long-term success. 

Actionable Steps

Consistent, deliberate actions  for incorporating  nutrition, movement, and self-care into your daily life.

Sustainable Progress

Create a plan to avoid common pitfalls and setbacks and maintain positive changes over time.

Teach Me the WINNERS Mindset

The 7 Day WINNERS Transformation


The Winners Transformation 7-day journey is a path towards developing a winning mindset and transforming  your body and health.

Join us for this FREE 7-day training.

Day One - Mindset Shift


Learn how the power of your thoughts influence your behavior, emotions, and outcomes. You'll be introduced to techniques and strategies for shifting your mindset and creating a positive, growth-oriented approach to life.

Day Two - Dump It!


Evaluate beliefs and decide what needs to be discarded to move forward.  Learn how to recognize limiting beliefs and reframe them into more positive, supportive ones.  Let go of what is holding you back and go after what you want.

Day Three - Change It!


Transform your beliefs and feelings to pave the way for progress. Gain the tools and strategies you need to transform your beliefs and take control of your thoughts.

Day Four - Make a Decision


Embrace the art of decision-making and commit to action. Uncover the difference between goals and decisions. Learn how to set clear and concise decisions aligned with your desired transformation.

Day Five - Add Action


Put decisions into action by choosing "one powerful action" each day to establish new habits and behaviors that support your goals. Develop a plan for taking consistent action that leads to significant progress over time.

Day Six - Add Power


Use tools to support healthy nutrition and movement habits. Learn the power of achieving your goals, prioritizing self-care and managing stress. Create a plan, put power into action and take control of your health and wellbeing.

Day Seven - Sustain It


Maintain the momentum towards transformation! Celebrate your progress. Reflect on your achievements. Continue developing a winning mindset and learn to plan for common pitfalls to maintain progress.

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I've been working with women to transform their bodies, minds and lives for almost 20 years. In that time, I've worked with hundreds of successes. I've also worked with many women who fail to reach their goals and transform their lives.

True transformation comes from the inside out. Are you ready to join a tribe of women who are interested in losing weight the right a way that won't damage your health and metabolism?

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