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I am Ginny Grabowski, MSc. I help women over 40 get off the weight-loss roller coaster by  cracking the code on the 3Fs (food, fitness and feelings) to create your health-filled, vibrant, best life.

In 2003, I ditched a Wall Street career to pursue my passion for fitness and helping people by becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. My first clients were women just like you...over 40, warm, generous, super-busy, successful in almost everything they did. The only thing they couldn't master was their own body and health.

I learned early on that they (and I'm guessing, you, too) were looking for more than just a workout plan

You want it strong, healthy, understand how to eat well, learn how to put yourself first on your "to-do list," feel confident in your body (maybe even feel sexy). And you want to do it all without some crazy diet and equally exhausting exercise program. 

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The Women's Wellness Academy

The Women's Wellness Academy is exactly what you're looking for. It's not your typical cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all program. It's a membership. You join us for as long as you need our help and support. Learn what you need, join the community, get to know other women making changes just like you. 

Changing your body and health isn't easy. Support is scarce, information is confusing, and figuring it out is frustrating. It's what keeps you stuck on the weight-loss roller coaster. The Women's Wellness Academy gets you off the roller coaster once and for all. 

The Women's Wellness Academy teaches you how to make changes that work for YOU. 

Join us and step off the weight-loss roller coaster forever. 

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