A healthy, strong, confident YOU

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Fed Up With Programs, Plans, and Yourself?


You've tried it all before. You've had some success, at least for a little while. But somehow, you can't seem to make the changes stick.

Once again, you find yourself knowing you need to make a change.

You know what you need to do because you've done it all before.

But somehow, you can't find the motivation.

You feel stuck and alone.

It's been so long since you felt healthy, strong, and confident in your own body that you can't remember the last time you looked in the mirror and smiled. 

You know you need to figure out WHY you stay stuck in this unhappy, unhealthy body and lifestyle when you know you could be doing so much better. 

Unleashed! Will help you do just that.

With interactive lessons, group coaching, and support, you will learn what is holding you back.

You will learn how to find motivation. 

You will learn how to rewire your brain and beliefs in a way that makes creating healthy habits fun and exciting.

You will rediscover the healthy, strong, confident woman that has been buried under years of neglect and Unleash her into the world!

Because you are so worth it!


It’s Time To Unleash Yourself!

With an immersive, interactive program, and group support, you've found a safe place to dig deep and uncover what's really holding you back. 



Finally Understand Why You're Unmotivated, Frustrated, and Stuck.

Learn how to recognize why you don't make the changes that will lead to your success, even when you're crystal clear on what your next steps are. I'll teach you how to:

  • Discover the underlying beliefs that are sabotaging you when you're ready to change.
  • Re-script your self-talk to become your own powerful motivator.
  • Keep the changes coming even when you don't think you can.

It’s time to love yourself like never before.


Uncover the beliefs that are dictating your behavior. You'll learn how to recognize these beliefs and how they show up in your life. 


Changing your inner dialogue. The way you speak to yourself can be brutal. You'll learn how to stop breaking yourself down and start building yourself up.


You'll get tools and learn techniques to keep you on track even when you don't feel like making the healthy choice.


Learn how to keep your motivation topped off once Unleashed! is over. Staying on track long after the 3- week course ends.

The Women's Wellness Academy Gold or Platinum 

Once you've got your beliefs, and motivation in place to unleash the healthy, strong, confident woman you are, you're invited to stay on at The Women's Wellness Academy to master your new, healthy lifestyle. At the Gold or Platinum level, you will get in-depth, interactive "how-to" lessons and you can choose from group-only coaching or group + one-to-one coaching. 

The Women's Wellness Academy Silver

The Silver-level Membership is the DIY version of The Women's Wellness Academy. Filled with the same "how-to" lessons, but without the group coaching and support. You work through the lessons on your own and keep yourself accountable. 

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