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Hello Beautiful!
I'm Ginny

I help women over 40
get off the weight-loss roller coaster,
feel confident and powerful,
transforming their minds and bodies. 

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A Lifetime in Wellness

I, like you, am a woman over 40.


I'm a woman over 50!

I cannot remember a time when I wasn't aware of the connection between who I am and how my body represents me.

Early on (around 12 years old) I realized that exercise was important and made me feel great. At the same time, I started reading magazine articles and scholarly newsletters about healthy eating. 

I decided then that I was going to be a healthy person...even though I didn't really know what that meant.

After a brief career on Wall Street, my passion for health, wellness and helping others be healthy won out and I became a Certified Personal Trainer at 33 years old. 

I quickly learned that women hiring a trainer wanted much more than a workout. They wanted to understand how to eat well. They wanted stress management techniques, and recipes, and they wanted to understand how to shop for truly healthy foods. Most of all, they wanted simplicity

I've learned from working with so many women just like you that things are different for us. Women over 40 have different demands on their time. We have different track records with our bodies. We know more and we're often conflicted about taking the time to take care of ourselves. 

Change Your Mind to Change Your Body 

I've been working with women to transform their bodies, minds and lives for almost 20 years. In that time, I've worked with hundreds of successes. I've also worked with many women fail to reach their goals and transform their lives. 

What's the difference between the successful women and the failures? 

It's not what they eat and it's not the exercise.

It's what they believe and it's how they see themselves.

The women I work with come to me after trying all of the quick-fix solutions and failing to achieve long-term health and wellness.

They know something has been holding them back from reaching their goals. The same programs that "work miracles" for friends and neighbors haven't worked for them. 

Together, we dig into the "why." We uncover the beliefs that are preventing them from taking action and we work together to build new beliefs and habits. This is how your life and your body change. 

 I know what you're thinking, "OK, Ginny. If you've helped so many women make changes, where are the "Before and After" photos?" 

You won't see them here. I don't believe in them. 

Here's why. 

True transformation comes from the inside out. The women I work with don't care if they are "bikini bombshells." Whether they look amazing or not, they choose not to have their images paraded around on the internet. 

Truth be told, it's pretty easy fake before and after photos. 

Are you ready to join a tribe of women who are more interested in losing weight the right a way that won't damage your health and metabolism?

Are you ready to do the work to make a permanent change?

If you answered, "YES!" I want to help you. 

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Becoming WINNERS!


WIN = Women Invested in Now
NE = No Excuses
RS = Revel in Success

You are invited to join the WINNERS!

Women Invested in Now are working to let go of our past mistakes. We are forgiving ourselves and others so that we can be free to become the best version of ourselves. 

We have No Excuses. Does that mean things in our life won't try to derail us? Nope. It means that we recognize the excuses and we make plans to overcome them. 

We Revel in Success! We celebrate wins big and small. We recognize our own value and we celebrate our achievements. 

It's not always easy being WINNERS.

We have challenges (transformation only happens when we overcome them). We support and celebrate each other as we transform our bodies, our minds and our lives. 

Are you ready to join the WINNERS?