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4 Master Classes

Master Class #1: Getting Ready for a Plant-Based Lifestyle. 

Before you dive into the new recipes, there's some prep work to do. You'll learn how to get your kitchen stocked up and ready. Use my list of time-saving, game-changing tools you need to make this transition a breeze. Learn how to align your mindset so that this transition is more fun and less work.

Taking some time upfront to get ready for the change is crucial to making sure you make the change and that it lasts beyond 30 days.
($250 value)

Master Class #2: How to Create Plant-Based Meals. 

Better than giving you meal plans that you'll forget about once the Challenge ends. Learn what you must include in your meals to make sure you don't lose valuable nutrition when you make the switch. Create healthy, tasty meals that fit your lifestyle. 
($250 value)

Master Class #3: Meal Planning & Shopping. 

Take the guesswork out of preparing for your weeks. I'll give you an easy-to-follow framework for prepping your meals and planning your new plant-based lifestyle PLUS worksheets to make meal planning and prep shockingly easy.
($347 value)

Master Class #4: Supplements...Do You Need Them on a Plant-Based Diet? 

There is a ton of misinformation on the internet about supplements, especially when it comes to living a life without meat or dairy. I'll tell you what the science really says and help you to understand what you need and what you don't.
($250 value)

Private Kickstart Community.

Access our exclusive community anytime, anywhere on your phone, tablet, or laptop. It's not a Facebook Group. Get all of your questions answered, connect with other participants, post your wins and fails, and get the support you need to make the change. This is where we connect with each other. You will have lifetime access to this space.
($700 value)


We'll get together live inside the Kickstart Community, meet each other and make sure you're clear on how this all works.

Weekly Group Coaching 

We all get together once a week in the community. Get all of your questions answered live, in person, and learn from others. If you can't make it, don't worry. All Group Coaching sessions are recorded. You can submit your questions in advance, get them answered and watch the video when it works for you.
($1,250 value) 

Recipe Guidebook

My Plant-Based Nutrition & Recipe Guidebook features "3-Step Prep" recipes that are simple to make, delicious, and 100% plant-based. Plus you'll learn all of the benefits of the fruits & veggies that are used in the recipes.
($97 value)

Unlimited recipe recommendations

Use my favorites and find/create your own.
($49 value)

How to Set Up Your Kitchen for Success Guide.

This value-packed guide features everything you need to create a kitchen space that works for you and your new plant-based lifestyle.
($197 value)


Bonus #1:

All Masterclasses, Group Coaching calls, and Orientation will be recorded for you to access as often as you like on your own schedule.

Bonus #2:

Hi-Protein Snacks List and Veggie-Based Snack Exchange
($50 value)

Total Value of The 30-Day Plant-Based Kickstart: $3,440 

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30-Day Plant-Based Kickstart Details


YOU! Women who know that plant-based eating is the shortest, healthiest path to becoming healthy and strong but don't know where to start or are afraid that they will mess it up or end up starving or undernourished. 


30 days of nutrition coaching, step-by-step instruction, recipes, group coaching, support, accountability, and fun. Get all of your questions about how to start living a plant-based lifestyle answered while you're making real changes in your life.


Online: Participate entirely online in our community or through All live lessons will be recorded and posted in the group, along with all recipes, coursework, questions, and comments. 


We begin Monday, September 25 with The 30-Day Plant-Based Kickstart Orientation and finish online on Wednesday, October 25, 2023.


  • Your Health: If you don't have your health, you have nothing. Moving to a plant-based lifestyle is the fastest, easiest, best-tasting way to better health. 
  • Connection: Making lifestyle changes can feel very lonely and confusing. We're in this together, and I want to make sure you succeed.
  • Fun: Making changes is more fun when you work with others on the same track.
  • Fall Harvest: Take advantage of the bounty of harvest season by putting the best-tasting fruits and veggies to work for you.
  • You Are Worth It! Will this be challenging? Possibly. Are you worth the effort? Absolutely! Life is all about feeling fantastic and celebrating every moment we have here on this earth. If you're not feeling amazing every day, it's time to make a change. Join us to make the change-making fun and delicious. 
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When you get to the checkout, you will see an option (not required) to join The Women's Wellness Academy for 6 months at a top-secret, extremely discounted price. 

Why join The Women's Wellness Academy? 

After you master your new plant-based lifestyle, you can continue your journey to amazing health with our amazing community of women and continue on to master your fitness, manage your stress, and all the things. 

This special pricing offer is only available when you sign up for The 30-Day Plant-Based Kickstart, and you can leave at any time.

Do you have to join The Women's Wellness Academy to get the most out of The 30-Day Plant-Based Kickstart?

No. It's just an added bonus for women who know that this will be the first step on their journey to sustainably embodying health and strength and want extra help getting there.