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Where Do You Begin?

feelings Jul 16, 2019
When thinking about starting to make changes to your nutrition and lifestyle, do you feel like the toddler in this pic?
Change can seem overwhelming. There are soooooo many things that need to change.
  • Eat better (whatever that means).
  • Stop eating out/ordering in
  • Start food shopping
  • Learn how to cook
  • Exercise
  • Don't get hurt while exercising
  • Sleep
  • Drink more water
  • Manage stress
The list is endless.
The list can paralyze you into doing nothing. It's too big and too scary.
You're right. The list is too big. The list is the equivalent of the steps in front of this toddler. He's looking at the first step. He's looking long and hard at that first step. He almost doesn't see the other steps.
Here's what he doesn't know...and what you may not realize. Any move he makes to get onto that first step is moving him forward and up. Whether he stays focused on that single step in front of him or he looks all the way to the top of the stairs, he's moving in the right direction.
He has many options to move forward. He can step up. He can put his hands, then his feet onto the step. He can crawl up the step. All of these moves take him from where he is and move him to where he wants to go.
It's the same for you.
Rather than seeing the whole staircase and feeling overwhelmed, take a look at the first step. You can look up to see where you're headed, but start with the first step. Remember, it's only ONE step. What is the ONE thing you can do today to move you onto the step? Move you towards the change you want to make.
The health and life you want are at the top of the stairs. How will you get there?
Some stairs may take longer to climb. You may back down one or two to gain momentum to get up to the third. You may skip some stairs all together. You may put your foot on the stair and then change your mind, returning down a stair and staying there a bit longer. Ascend them as YOU want to. Not how someone else ascends the stairs.
It's your staircase to climb.
Take your ONE step today.

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