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Facing Your Fear of the Kitchen

Getting started adding more veggies into your current meal rotation can be intimidating. I spent years avoiding the kitchen for two reasons:

  1. I didn't want to take on a stereotypical "woman in the kitchen" role. Truth be told, I failed "Home Economics" in high school partly on purpose because I didn't want to excel at being a housewife. 
  2. I didn't believe I had the skills to make food that was palatable, much less delicious. 

I would love to hear YOUR reasons for not cooking for yourself. If you're a member of The Women's Wellness Academy, visit the Community Chat and share why you don't cook. If you're not a member, send an email to me at [email protected]

Here's the truth. Both of these beliefs were preventing me from being my healthiest. Could I change what I believe? Yes! And once I did, I started loving time in the kitchen. I have the skills to make delicious food, and so do you

Let's look at my first belief. I...

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Ten Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss

You’ve done it! You made the commitment to being healthier and changing some unhealthy habits and you’ve accomplished your goals.
Now what?
Don't be fooled. Now that you've lost the weight, it doesn't magically stay at bay. Once you've reached your goals, you don't want to stop doing what got you here. If you return to old habits, your old body will return even faster and it will be harder to make the changes again in the future.
Here are 10 secret and simple ways to keep the weight off and maintain your new body and health. 
  1. Work with Weights – Ideally, while losing body fat you've also gained some muscle mass. This is important because studies consistently show that people with more muscle burn more calories throughout the day, all day long. This means your body will use the food you're eating instead of storing it as fat for later.
  2. Track your food or journal about it – When you write down what you eat, you will be able...
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Wine and Women

I had a conversation with a friend today about wine. She uses it daily (only a glass or two) every night when she comes home from work at her super high-stress job. She also wants to lose weight (specifically around her mid-section).
This is not the first time I've had this conversation. I typically work with women and this is a very common conversation.
Here's the simple answer that many trainers give and expect their clients to simply adhere to: If you want to lose the weight, give up the wine.
Here are the problems with that advice.
  1. You already know that.
  2. You're not willing/able to follow the advice. I don't mean you're an alcoholic. I mean you LIKE your wine and you don't have another mechanism readily available to help you cope with stress.
  3. You already know that. You're looking for a solution to a problem that you may not be ready to solve, but by asking the question you feel like you're making progress...and in some small way, you...
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