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Struggling to Lose Weight? It May Be Time to See Your Doctor

Oct 19, 2020
“I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis? That’s great!”
This is not something you would expect to hear your client say with enthusiasm when you own a fitness and nutrition coaching business. When you’ve been doing everything in your power to lose weight, and nothing is changing, it may be a sign that you have a medical issue that nutrition and exercise won’t fix.
Seeking help from a Personal Trainer, Nutrition, or Health Coach can also help you recognize when to take it a step further. That’s what happened for my client, who I’ll call Tracy.
Tracy originally came to see me because she wanted to start exercising and had some physical limitations. She knew she wanted to work out, but didn’t know how to work around her “ouchies.” She also wanted to lose some weight, so we worked on her nutrition habits.
Over the first six months, she worked hard. She showed up to every workout, gave it her all,...
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